Message from Transition's Board President

Providing services to convicted criminals is not always a popular effort in modern society, which has been conditioned to take a punitive approach to high crime rates. But there remains a good argument for the benefits of redemption. Helping people who admit to their failures, have paid the price for their crimes against society, and have resolved to become better persons is an effort which gives hope and opportunity to those who deserve it.

Our Job Developers encourage businesses to provide job opportunities to ex-offenders as a means of reducing crime and recidivism. The most significant unanticipated result of this program has been the response from the business community.

Many employers report that in addition to the tax credits, free bonding and other financial incentives derived from hiring ex-offenders, their most important benefit has been the hiring of highly motivated, grateful, and loyal employees who earn their employers trust by their honesty and reliability. Indeed, the individual who has resolved never to go back to prison, and especially one who has overcome drug and/or alcohol addiction, is among the best workers any employer has ever hired. This is good business and good public policy. Thousands of ex-offenders have changed their lives by getting a job when they most needed an opportunity. They have become better fathers and mothers, responsible citizens, and in many cases, employers themselves who come back to Transition to find the workers they need to build successful businesses. Your support is essential to our work in helping ex-offenders get employment at a living wage deterring them from the cycle of crime and empowering them to be self-sufficient, law abiding citizens.

Please join us in providing a hand up to ex-offenders; offer a job, donate, volunteer!
Thank you,
Alan Rauzin