Message from Transition's Board President

Transition, Inc. is a not for profit re-entry organization located in the heart of Overtown. Our mission for the last 48 years has been to lift individuals out of the cycle of crime and poverty. To do so, we offer a variety of services including job search, job referral and job placement, as well as job training, and certifications in a number of trades. We are proud of our partnership with Miami Dade County Correction and Rehabilitation’s Boot Camp Re-entry Program, enhancing the employment skills of young men and women 18-24 is one of our primary objectives. Transition partners with both large and small employers in various industries including construction, warehouse, landscaping, restaurant and hospitality.

Since opening we have helped and or serviced over 35,000 clients offering a personal and intensive individualized program to our clients. We use a blended work performance model that includes readiness training, vocations training, resume preparation and employment placement. Our close relationship with our employers allows for intense follow up to ensure that the client and employer are benefiting from the relationship.

The need is great. The United States has one of the highest per capita incarceration rates in the world: one in four or the world’s inmates are in US prisons/jails. One in 104 US adults are behind bars. In Florida, one in 31 adults are under correctional supervision. Tragically, one out of every 2.3 prisoners return to prison within three years. The burden of these deplorable statistics falls disproportionately on people of color and those at the lower end of the socio-economic ladder. The cost benefit is obvious. It costs ten cents on the dollar for re-entry training vs re incarceration. Our client population have spent their lives growing up with false messages of a lack of worthiness and learning that the only currency in their lives was copying behaviors that maintained the same cycle of poverty and crime. Looking outside themselves for something to make them feel better.

There are some experiences that sometimes cannot be put into words. Transition Inc’s power comes from the organization, our supporters and the community. Watching a boot camper enter and train at Transition Inc is an incredible experience. Witnessing clients learn and experience new belief systems, to understand that they are worthy and that they have value, is such a gift.

Our doors are wide open. Even more than before. We have new community partners including FIU and new development companies. Our Bootcamp program has returned stronger than ever.

We are expanding our services into food stamps. No one should ever go hungry for any reason ever.

We have new and larger grant partners. Our old funders are returning. While we expand our programs, we get to expand the number of clients we serve. Our staff is incredible. Passionate, committed and open. I invite anyone who is interested to come to Transition Inc. Take a tour, share in the hope and opportunity that is all around.

Like all organizations we need support, so I invite you to become our partner – either thru volunteering, funding or making an introduction to a company that is interested in our clients and or funder who wants to find a great organization. Most important, the returning citizen who is willing to change their lives.