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Give an ex-offender a chance and join the hundreds of employers that already partner with Transition by hiring ex-offenders. The majority find them to be loyal, hard working, and determined to succeed. Employers across Miami-Dade support Transition and are willing to give ex-offenders a chance to make a fresh start on a new path by offering them a position.

When you have job openings, let us know

We can place a motivated individual in just about any type of job or to do the work that you need done.

We make it easy to hire because we'll look after all the paperwork and ensure that you get an individual that understands the role and what it requires.

In addition, we'll help you take advantage of financial and other incentive programs that are in place to encourage hiring an ex-offender.

One of our employer specialists also works with you to monitor how the new employee is working out.

We have employers and positions from many of the major industry sectors in South Florida which helps us to place individuals in jobs where they can make a contribution.

Types of Jobs

  • Manufacturing, Warehouse, Shipping, Logistics
  • Office Services, Call Centers, Computer Tech
  • Receptionist, Security Guard
  • Tourism, Hotels, Restaurant, Night Clubs
  • Transportation, Trucking, Airlines, Cruise Ships
  • Home Construction, (Residential & Commercial)
  • Installers, Electrician, Plumbing, and AC
  • Appliance Maintenance & Repair
  • Grounds Keeping, Landscaping
  • Building Repair & Maintenance
  • Painting, Flooring
  • Car Wash, Mechanic, Auto Repair,Driver, Valet
  • Food Services, Chef, Servers, Kitchen Staff
  • Waiter, Bartender
  • Grocery, Bakery, Retail
  • Barber, Stylist

If you're ready to hire or would like more information

Please contact:
Stephen Gilmore, Executive Director