Marvin Rauzin, a Miami businessman, founded Transition after visiting local jails once a week to help prepare inmates for their release from prison.

Once released, he worked with them to help find jobs, knowing if they could find meaningful employment, the likelihood of returning to prison would be reduced.

Mr. Rauzin told his story to everyone he knew and he recruited more volunteers to help him provide the bridge from prison to purpose.

Eventually, his efforts grew and staff was added through donations and public and private sector contracts.


Alan Rauzin, Esq. Marvin's' son continues his fathers' legacy. Many things have changed over the past 48 years, but the need still exists.

Today, Transition provides services to over 4,000 clients annually, with skills training and job placement services throughout Miami Dade.

Clients are primarily ex-offenders but we also work with veterans and persons with disabilities who face barriers to employment.

Each year, of those 4,000 clients who walk through Transition’s doors, approximately 400 are placed in permanent jobs.

The work that we do today helps not only the individual, but their families, employers and the community as a whole.
We have a proud history that shows what is possible when we all work together to...

Changing Lives, One Job at a Time