Transition operates the Career Source South Florida Ex-Offender Service Center. Assisting individuals re-entering the workforce through an intensive program of counseling, case management, and skills training.

Services Include:


  • Job Training Skills
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interviewing Skills Training
  • Understanding New Technology
  • Computer Skills
  • Working Expectations
  • Employer Expectations
  • Time Management
  • and others...

These services help them to rebuild their lives upon release becoming productive, lawful citizens.

Annually, we provide services to over 4,000 clients with supportive services and job training. Clients are primarily ex-offenders but we also work with others who have barriers to unemployment – including veterans, persons with disabilities, the homeless and those afflicted with addiction.

Each year, of those 4,000 clients who walk through Transition’s doors, approximately 400 are placed in permanent jobs.