The work that we do at Transition helps individuals get back to work, keeps families together and improves our community and neighborhoods. Knowing that we are doing good work makes it all worthwhile, but even more so when we hear the gratitude and appreciation from the people that we serve every day. If you have a story you'd like to share, we'd love to hear it. Send us a note or drop by and say hello again and let us know how you're doing.

Lamesia B.
I'm one of millions of convicted felons that come to Transition. I think that Transition is a good non-profit organization. They reach out to help others and give people like me a second chance and also build up people's confidence and inspire them that there is someone out there that cares. So I get up every morning to make it to Transition organization for my Job Developer to help me out and without a doubt he sends me on 3 and 4 job searches every week. But today it really put a huge smile on my face, they are giving away business attire for people that don't have any professional clothes for job interviews. So I'm taking out the time to say Thank you for giving me the courage and inspiration to keep searching everyday~
Kimbrick F
I, Kimbrick F., am very privileged to be a client of Transition, Inc. The staff are the standard or universal example of professional job developers throughout South Florida and I am proud to be a very satisfied client.
Joel W.
Since coming home from prison, Transitions has been a very positive institution in my life, giving me the resources necessary to find gainful employment.
Freddy A.
I’m a recovering addict born and raised here in Overtown Jackson Memorial Hospital. I’ve had numerous jobs. I’m 52 yrs old. I’m now looking for a job. Currently I volunteer at the C*** H*** and the H*** and I appreciate these clothes that will help me on my way to the success I’m going to have. Please, whatever you do to help Transition, continue to do to help us. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Changing Lives, One Job at a Time