Volunteering is a PERFECT WAY to give back to your community

At Transition, we change lives and you can too! Volunteering at Transition, you will invest your time and efforts in the lives of adult and youthful ex-offenders whose desire is to improve their lives starting with getting and maintaining a stable job.


  • Help ex-offenders successfully transition back to the community
  • Offer a hand of friendship to those preparing for release from a correctional facility or recently released
Mentoring Ex-Offenders Results
  • Keeps people out of jail
  • Saves tax dollars needed to keep a person in a cell
  • Ex-offenders working with a mentor more than twice as likely to find a job
  • 65% more likely to retain jobs over 90 days
Mentor Requirements:
  • Attend Transition’s Mentor training
  • Follow the confidentiality policies
  • Minimum age of 25
  • Criminal background check and child abuse registries.
  • In-person interview with each potential mentor
  • Complete questionnaire about themselves and their interests
  • Check 2-3 references
Contact admin@transitioninc.org if you’d like to volunteer as a mentor. We look forward to hearing from you!

Volunteers have various opportunities in program or administrative support including:

  • Help clients prepare their resumes
  • Assist with mock interview sessions
  • Lead workshops with job seekers
  • Visit individuals in jail to prepare them for their release
  • Assist with Transition's newsletter
  • Provide administrative assistance
  • Represent Transition at job fairs and other community events

What does this involve and what skills do I need?


Some of these roles involve meeting with and speaking to soon-to-be released inmates, young offenders or military veterans and providing them with information to help with their re-entry into society.


Requires a commitment of 2 to 4 hours a week. Scheduling and location is flexible.


Speaking words clearly and communicating your information effectively. We'll teach you what to say.


An attitude of compassion and non-judgement is essential for someone who wants to help in this way.

Are you ready to give of your time or do you know someone who can volunteer?
We'd like to hear form you.

Please contact:
Stephen R. Gilmore, Executive Director
(305) 571-2001